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Equipment that inspect

We provide high performance technologies in inspection and monitoring.

At Integral IMI we have the knowledge of the main NDT techniques, offering the market a range of development and customization possibilities. 

With a high level of maturity in the development of hardware, software and roboticsin-house, we are able to offer conventional and high-performance solutions for your inspection needs.


UT rotary tool

Rotation system used to perform inspection on tubes, aiming to evaluate the thickness of the wall and with the objective of achieving a good relationship between resolution, sensitivity, precision and speed of inspection. The tool consists of a rotating head system equipped with ultrasonic sensors, which are capable of inspecting tubes  with internal diameters.


ET Rotary Tool

An equipment used to perform inspection on tubes in order to detect cracks and imperfections on the inner surface, aiming at a good relationship between resolution, sensitivity, precision and inspection speed. The tool consists of a rotary system with eddy current sensors capable of inspecting pipes with internal diameters.


Laser systems

With the use of our products featuring laser measurement technology, it is possible to accurately detect the internal diameters of pipes, with a comprehensive mapping of the inner surface. This data is transmitted in real-time to the operator for assessing the integrity of their asset.


Magnetic systems

Our Magnetic systems are used to conduct inspections on tanks or pipes, with the capability to assess integrity through mapping and sizing of corrosion and cracks. On our product portfolio this technology ensure a fast assessment of assets with reliability and precision


Data logger

Autonomous temperature, pressure and vibration data acquisition system.

Operating Limits.

Temperature: 100°C

Pressure: 1000 psi

Vibration: +- 2g


Wind turbine inspection

Development of equipment and inspection procedures for application in wind turbines in operation.

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